Jessica P. Review
“Ina is a fantastic tutor! I would highly recommend her for all ages of students at all levels of Spanish. She is a kind and caring person, highly experienced and professional, accommodates her approach based on her students’ needs and (a bonus) — her Spanish is beautiful, as she is originally from Argentina. It has been a pleasure to work with Ina for over a year now, and my Spanish has improved leaps and bounds. The hour flies by because she is a delight to be with — am truly grateful to have found her and even though I moved to San Francisco this past year, I still make the commute to Lafayette for my lessons with her because she’s that wonderful!”
Tricia G. Review
“My 9th grader went to Cristina struggling in Spanish 2, He barely had a D. He started seeing her in November and by the end of the year he finished with a high B. She is a straight forward kind lady. She is personable and tried to be flexible with her busy schedule. What I appreciated most was when she felt my done was strong enough to only see her once a week she verbalized that to me. We will definitely use her next year.”
Fay A.V. Review
“I have been a student with Cristina for 8 months so far. She took me from knowing very little Spanish to speaking Spanish comfortably at my work in the pharmacy. We have many patients who only speak Spanish, so my drive to help them brought me to Cristina.

“What I love about her is her drive to want you to succeed. She will spend as long as needed to solidify certain subjects until you feel comfortable. For example, I had an issue learning present subjunctive and proper usage of it. She spent three to four weeks on me with example after example pushing me until it finally clicked.”

Audrey B. Review
“I highly recommend Ina! I am a registered nurse and have been very interested in learning Spanish so I can better interact with my patients. My only language background is a few years of long-forgotten high school French, and I was quite intimidated at the thought of being an adult and starting from scratch. I started my lessons earlier this year and Ina made and still makes me feel comfortable. Ina adjusts her lessons and teaching style based on your goals-mine is conversational Spanish. She focuses on this, but also challenges me to learn language composition and other components outside of just conversation. She accommodates my crazy schedule and is very flexible with lesson times and dates. Ina is kind, approachable, and personable-if you are thinking about trying to learn a new language (even as an adult) definitely give her a call!”
Christopher M. Review
“I am student at the community college DVC. I took a Spanish 120 class on line and thought that would be enough to prepare me for a 121 class. Boy was I wrong! Typing Spanish online and speaking in a class room are two different things. I came into 121 without the necessary foundation from 120 to be successful in the class. My first test grade was an F and my second was not much better. I needed help. I found Ina online and meet her at her house to discuss my situation.

“I told her about the trouble I was having and she started reviewing the 120 material that I was missing with me. While at the same time applying it to the new information I was required to learn. My next test was a C.
She has worked with me patiently through out this semester helping me to understand grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

“She has a masters understanding of the nuances of the Spanish language. My most recent grade is a direct reflection of the teaching she has given me. I got an A on my last exam and it looks like I will get a B in the class.
If you are struggling in Spanish and you need help I highly recommend Ina. It is a fact that without her help I would have failed my Spanish class.”

Caleb H. Review
“Ina is just what I was looking for. I am trying to gain fluency in Spanish to help me get an edge in the job market as a fire fighter, and I realized it was not going to happen on my own. The weekly structured lessons help to push me along, and I really feel like Ina will get me to my goal. First off, she is from Argentina, so she is a native spanish speaker. I can’t move to a spanish speaking country anytime soon so this is as close as I can get.

“Her rates are very reasonable, and she has been very flexible with my crazy work schedule. She does her best to give you as much as you can handle in an hour and is a very patient teacher. She has a lot of tools and resources to help you along and keep it interesting. You can go as fast or as slow as you would like, but you will get the most out of the lessons when you do your homework and come prepared. If you want to gain fluency or just need help with your spanish class, you can’t beat working with ina.”