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8 Ways Your Life Will Be Better When You Learn Spanish


8 Ways Your Life Will Be Better When You Learn Spanish - Article - Learn Spanish with Ina

8 Ways Your Life Will Be Better When You Learn Spanish

Learning a new language enriches your life in so many ways.

Many people don’t know what to expect when they start learning a new langauge. They don’t imagine all the ways their lives will be enriched by learning a language.

You can learn many skills in the process of learning a new language. They can be applied to your life and work and make you more successful.

You may be surprised by some at some of the happy surprises you will learn as a result of learning a new langague.
If you’re new to learning languages, discovering all the skills you’ll develop on the way will make it much more exciting and fun to learn.

1. Your Memory Will Get Better

When you learn Spanish you will memorized new words, phrases, and grammar. Many people learning Spanish will learn skills to build your memory and these skills will help you in life. Two memory techniques specifically Mnemonics and Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS).

Mnemonics are a tool to remember information through association. For example the Spanish word for apple is “manzana”. As an English speaker, this reminds me of “Tarzana”. So to remember the Spanish for apple, I could imagine a some one in the city of Tarzana eating an Apple.

Spaced Repetition Systems gives you the vocabulary before you would have forgetten it so that it stays fresh in your mind. You may see a word a few minutes after the first time, then a few days later, then a few weeks later, always at the time you need it most to make sure you can recall it easily.

When you learn Spanish you will use memory techniques to learn the grammar and the words. As a result your memory will get better overall. This will improve your success and your relationships!

2. You’ll Become a Better Listener

Being a good listener will help you in many ways in life. It is a an important skill and can help you communicate better with the people around you.

It turns out when you learn Spanish it requires you to listen carefully to Spanish speakers. You will listen closely to your Spanish tutor Ina,  you will listen to native Spanish speakers, you will listen to yourself as you learn the language and the accent.

You will enjoy learning Spanish with Ina and your listening skills will improve along with your Spanish speaking skills!

Foreign language learners have been found to have improved listening skills and better memories than single language speakers. Listening is a core skills for learning languages, and it is a core skill in life too.

3. You’ll Be A Better Student Including at Math

There is actually an important connection between learning Spanish and learning Math! When you learn a foreign language like Spanish students who study one semester of foreign language score much higher in math classes.

According to one study by The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages “children who study a foreign language, even when this second language study takes time away from the study of mathematics, outperform students who do not study a foreign language and have more mathematical instruction during the school day.”

How does this happen? Well one example is the a Mathematics who helped his students learn very complicated equations using the mnemonic skills they learned while learning a foreign lanague. Overall you’ll be a better student and better at remembering complicated information.

4. You’ll Be Better at Tests

Learning Spanish will improve your ability to learn and your memory skills. As a result you can improve your test scores too. There is large body of research that show an improvement in academic test performance and language learning. Here are some examples of the studies: 

Language learners outperforming monolingual test takers on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in the U.S. (College Board 2003), to significant differences on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test, learners of foreign languages “consistently outperform control groups in core subject areas on standardized tests, often significantly” (Armstrong & Rogers 1997, Saunders 1998, Masciantonio 1977, Rafferty 1986, Andrade, Kretschmer & Kretschmer 1989).

5. You’ll Be More Social and Outgoing

Learning Spanish will result in you meeting more new people. This is an importanht part of practicing the language.

It makes sense that learning and speaking Spanish will help you become more outgoing. 

You’ll need to speak with native speakers and you’ll go out into the world and practice your skills. Therefore you will go out and meet new people.

Turns out meeting Spanish speakers is the same as meeting anyone. You will develop the skills to introduce yourself and make good impression on anyone. It will have a direct, positive impact on your life.

6. You’ll Be More Creative

Learning to speak Spanish is an art.  Often you will have to use your imagination to find the right word or phrase to express yourself in Spanish. This is “outside the box” thinking and will be wonderful for improving your brain’s creativity. Studies indicate that individuals who learn a second language are much more creative (Bamford & Mizokawa, 1991).

As a result of learning a new langauge you will use your creativity and you will get better at being a creative person. 

7. You’ll Learn to Like Different People

When you learn Spanish you are not just learning the language. You are learning about the culture and the people. Learning Spanish will help see the world through the eyes of people who are different than you. As a result you will learn to accept differnent kinds of people than you are used to . You will develop more empathy and understanding of people who are different.

A scientific study concluded: “The positive impact of cultural information is significantly enhanced when that information is experienced through foreign language and accompanied by experiences in culturally authentic situations” (Curtain & Dahlberg 2004).

By experiencing different people you will become a person of the world. Much more comfortable in many differnt types of situations. This will make you happier and more succesful in life. 

By learning a new language, you discover how an entire population expresses themselves and their thoughts.

8. You’ll Improve Your Skill in English Too!

When you learn Spanish you will see how the parts of English that you take for granted work. You will understand the grammar and history of English because you will see the rules of the grammar and the diction.

By learning a Spanish, you will better understand English. The think tank Impact of Second Language Education “the study of a second language significantly increases first language skills with reading, vocabulary, grammar and communication.”

This value of learning Spanish cannot be over estimated. You will feel much more comfortable with language and you will become better at using English.


Learning Spanish can improve your life in so many ways. I am honored to be here for you on your journey. Learn Spanish with Ina specializes in helping people to improve their life by learning Spanish. 

You can more creative, have better memorization skills, become a better student with better grades, and have more social confidence. You’ll become a better citizen of the world and improve your ability to understand everybody. I look forward to seeing you soon!

By Ina / October 24, 2020