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Why Hiring A Spanish Tutor Is A Good Idea


Why Hiring A Spanish Tutor Is A Good Idea - Article - Learn Spanish with Ina

Why Hiring A Spanish Tutor Is A Good Idea

In past blogs we have discussed why learning Spanish is so important and why learning it with Ina is so valuable.

In this blog post we are going to discuss the benefits to having a expert Spanish tutor on your side as you embark on your journey of Spanish discovery. 

Spanish is the 2nd most popular language in the World. There are over 387 speakers for whom Spanish is their native tongue. Learning Spanish at any point in your life will bring you a host of benefits in culture, career, and fun.

It is so important that you learn Spanish in a way that shows your honor and respect for the language. With Ina you can take your lessons via Zoom or at her office in Lafayette California. 

With Zoom she can teach you Spanish no matter where you are in the world. 

1. A tutor can provide you with the best lessons for your skill level and your purpose

Learning a language is not the same as learning to ride a bike or drive a car. It involves both simple and complex ideas. It means learning grammar and punctuation. It means understanding what you already know and what you don’t yet know. So it is very beneficial to have someone who knows your skill level very well. Who can guide you where you need help and push you further you where you are exceling. In addition WHY you are learning Spanish is very important. Learning because you want to work in a Spanish language pharmacy requires very different lessons than learning to go on vacation. A good tutor like Ina will understand exactly what you are looking for and provide it to you.

 2. A tutor will help you with real world pronunciation 

Writing and reading Spanish is very different from speaking Spanish. The language is well known as one of the most beautiful on the page. But it is overwhelmingly known as one of the most wonderful languages to speak. When you learn from a native speaker like Ina you will be coached on the proper way to say your words. You’ll get insight into the feelings & emotions that the words have, not just their meaning. When you are taking your Spanish lesson you will get real time tips on how to pronounce the words. If you take lessons from an expert like Ina, people will marvel at how beautiful your Spanish sounds . This will be because you have been taught how to speak properly by a native speaker. 

 3. A tutor is dedicated to your success

A tutor like Ina is dedicated to teaching Spanish. This means she knows how to keep you on track with your material. She knows how to meet you where you are. If you get busy and miss a few classes, she’ll know how to catch you back up. If you “don’t feel like” learning Spanish today, when you take her class you will feel better about being their. Ina creates a learning environment you need to master Spanish and love the language. 

 4. A tutor will keep you interested

As with any new thing learning can be hard. Languages are more difficult than other things to learn. When something gets difficult sometimes our attention starts to waver. Working with a tutor like Ina will help you keep your interest. Getting feedback, seeing you progress, having a “partner” in your education will keep you motivated to succeed. This is important as you are learning something very valuable. Having someone to whom you are accountable will help you tremendously.

 5. Tutors are qualified

Ina is a teacher who as lots of experience teaching at all levels. When you hire a teacher you are not just hiring them for their language skills. You are hiring them for their ability to teach. You are hiring them because they know HOW to teach. They know what order you should learn. They know how to progress through the lesson, they know what is challenging and requires special techniques. Ina is an expert at assessing your skill level and understanding how to teach you. They know how to answer questions and they are qualified to create lesson plans. They even know how to give you strategies and lessons to keep you learning at home. 

 Learning Spanish is one of the most valuable things you can do. If you want to get the best understanding of the language, having a tutor for Spanish lessons is a great thing to do. No one is better at all these skills than Ina. She teaches with empathy as well as excellence. With Ina you will learn a quality of Spanish that is very rare to find.

By Ina / August 28, 2020