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Ina Loves Teaching Spanish


Ina Loves Teaching Spanish - Article - Learn Spanish with Ina

Ina Loves Teaching Spanish

Ina loves teaching Spanish. Her students love the experience of learning Spanish with her. It makes Ina happy that her students have fun at the same time they are learning Spanish.

Ina is very kind and caring with experienced and new Spanish students alike. She understands that each student has a special reason for learning Spanish. 

One of her biggest strengths is the ability to customize her lessons for her student’s needs. Examples of the reasons students learn Spanish with Ina are:

1. Students who want to improve their grades

2. Travelers who want to enjoy Spanish adventures

3. Business people who want to communicate in Spanish effectively

4. People who want to learn about the culture in it’s native language

Personal Attention

One of the core benefits of learning with Ina is her attention to the needs of each student. Her students describe her as both patient and effective. She knows when to give a student more material and when to be patient while they master speaking the language.

This means she prepares her lessons specifically for your needs and listens carefully to what you need next in your lesson plan.

Why Learn With Ina

Learning Spanish is an important skill today. It translates into real word benefits for people who take Spanish lessons. Some examples of the people that Ina has helped

  • Firefighter who wants a leg up
  • Pharmacist who’s clients are majority spanish speaking
  • High school student who went from a D grade to a B+ grade in Spanish class
  • A nurse who saves lives by communicating with her patients
  • A junior college student who wants to be accepted at the best university

She loves when her students need her help and she is happy to give them just what they need. 

Her students say she is a caring & thoughtful teacher. They are happy that she pays personal attention to their needs. 

Loving Spanish

Ina loves teaching & speaking Spanish and wants you to love speaking it too. She enjoys helping you broaden your horizons and wants you to enjoy the experience. She knows the best way to learn Spanish is with a real person who loves teaching it to you.

Ina knows that a personal connection is key to teaching the language. We learn Spanish by communicating with people.  The learning happens when emotions and people become involved. People who become good at Spanish have lived it through and with other people.

Learning Spanish is a journey. It’s meant to be enjoyed in the beautiful real world. Enjoy the odyssey of learning Spanish without worrying about the destination. Ina believes that the language deserves speakers who wonder and marvel at it’s beauty. It’s meant to be fun and wonderful and that is how Ina teaches her classes. It’s meant to be done with someone who loves the language. 

Connect with Ina

Learning Spanish with Ina allows you to have a personal connection to the language. Learning Spanish opens your mind and allows you to meet fantastic people from all around the world. Ina will help you view the world from a different perspective.

Her students love her for that and she invites you to join her in your journey

By Ina / January 25, 2020